More imaging procedures combined with shortage of radiologists and expectations of high-quality interpretations makes remote readings an attractive option for facilities of all sizes.

— Health Imaging & IT

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a technology model that allows users to access applications from any computer with Internet access.

By providing applications from centralized servers within secure data centers, there is no need for complex IT implementation or VPNs to be setup to begin using the system.

Athas Radiology’s technology can integrate with existing PACS systems, or serve as a cloud PACS alternative, swiftly delivering images and reports to the cloud. Any facility, physician, or patient can instantly register an account to gain access anywhere, at anytime.


At Athas Radiology, we believe that allowing patients, physicians, and healthcare providers to connect, share, and communicate with one another online leads to better care for patients.

It also empowers patients to take control of their own medical images.

This is why our technology leverages a web-based medical image exchange community, changing the way imaging facilities, physicians, and patients access, share, and work with diagnostic images and reports.

  • Upload your medical images with the ease of a photo sharing site. No more hassles with CDs.
  • Build your contact list and expand your network. As with familiar social networking applications, invite, accept, or send contact requests and build relationships between healthcare providers, physicians, and patients.
  • Share images and reports with any physician, facility, or patient in the country – securely.
  • View images quickly with our diagnostic viewer from any Mac or PC browser. Studies can also be pushed directly from our cloud to a PACS.
  • Send messages, have conversations, and collaborate with other users in your network.


In today’s fast-paced work environments, having the right information at your fingertips saves time and money.

With Athas Radiology, access your mobile images in the palm of your hand via smartphones and other mobile devices.

Our PowerShare Virtual Radiology Network (VRN) mobile apps work great over 4G or WIFI, and keep you securely connected to your images and reports when you are on the go.